Care & Maintenance

Although marbles can scratch, etch, and or stain, if you are willing to keep it sealed and understand the recommended maintenance, it can be a beautiful addition to any space.

The following care and maintenance guidelines are recommended for marble applications:

    To avoid scratches, minimize the use of sharp objects such as knives directly on the countertops. Use trivet pads, cutting boards, or other secondary surfaces for prepping or cutting. Clean the countertop surface regularly to get rid of any loose dirt or debris that can potentially cause scratches if dug in or pressed underneath something. Felt bottoms or placemats should be placed under ceramics, china, and other furniture or silverware to prevent scratches.

    To avoid stains, keep the countertops as dry as possible all the time. Any liquids can potentially stain a marble countertop, including water. Therefore, a dry countertop will never stain. Stains will take more than a few minutes to occur, so cleaning up spills or wet areas immediately is also one of your best preventative measures.

    Many common food items also contain acid that can potentially eat into or etch your marble countertops. Our recommendation when it comes to Calacatta marble is to purchase the honed finish rather than the polished. Honed finishes help disguise most scratches and etching. If scratches or etching does occur, on honed finishes it will be easier and more likely to “fix” it than on a polished finish.

    Each marble is made up of different composition, and it is safest to consult with your direct salesperson for advice on care and maintenance for your particular stone.


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