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Italian marble is a unique, natural stone mined from different quarries around the world. Unlike granite, marble is a non-foliated, metamorphic rock that is formed when limestone is subjected to tremendous heat and pressure causing the stone to distort, recrystallize, and take on its unique characteristics. Marble is valued for its rich palette of beautiful colors and appearance and is perfect in any place in the house. Marbles are mostly whites and greys, but sometimes vary and may range in colors such as red, gray, gold, cream, green, black, or even pink. Yet, subtlety is marble’s most infamous characteristic, as it is not as busy as granite, and with its neutral, yet capturing colors, marble portrays a calmness no other stone can.

Made up of calcite morphed into limestone, then marble, it has a distinct fluorescence that can change colors under different lighting. The calcite-based crystals and shimmering flecks are often admired in marbles as having a neutral, classic look, and create surfaces with colors that are easier to tie in, compliment, and add accents to.

Usable Applications

No longer shunned from the kitchen, marble has also become a popular demand for an abundance of applications. With the added protection of an upgraded sealer, and a little care - kitchens, vanities, and bar tops can now be set with marble. Calm and classic, marble brings a natural balance to shower walls, seats, and thresholds, giving bathrooms the touch of natural beauty they need, while avoiding the busier look of granite and other stones. Fireplaces can be turned into timeless works of art with marble canvas’ surrounding them. The range of applications Calacatta marble countertops can be used on are abundant, from hearths made of stark white with exotic veining, bath tubs surrounded with pure whites, to the gourmet kitchen you dreamed – the choices are endless.

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